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Affordable Tree Removal in Lafayette

There are a number of reasons why you might need to have a tree removed from your property. The most common problem is when the tree has become diseased or is damaged and poses a risk to property or people. There are also cases when trees need to be removed because they are in the way of construction or they are growing too close to power lines. Whatever the reason, if you need to have a tree removed, it’s important to hire our professionals at Tree Service of Lafayette. Not only will they have the equipment and experience needed to safely remove the tree, but they will also dispose of it properly so that there is no danger of it becoming a hazard.

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How Do You Decide When To Remove A Tree?

The decision to remove a tree may be one that you have to make regarding your property or it can be made by someone else. If the tree is hazardous, it could pose a risk for people who live close enough to it. This would be the case if there were children in the area and they might be tempted to play around it. In this case, you may want to have the tree removed before they attempt to climb up it and potentially get hurt.

In other cases, a tree can be dangerous because of its proximity to structures on your property or in the surrounding area. If a branch is hanging too close to a house or a car, that can pose a risk of damage or injury as well. This is another case where you might want to remove the tree. If it’s on your property and there’s no immediate danger, you may be able to simply trim some of the lower branches so they don’t come too close to the house, but if there is a danger, there’s no choice but to remove it completely.

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In some cases like hurricanes, people may decide to remove weakened trees in their yard because of concerns about them falling. This can be a smart move since you don’t want your house destroyed by one falling tree and you don’t want anyone who might be visiting you injured either. You also don’t want to be liable if someone is injured by a falling tree on your property because it can cause you tremendous financial problems. In some areas, it’s simply a matter of complying with the law and if not, you’re still protecting yourself and others by making sure there is no danger from trees that could fall on these structures and cause damage. If you are not sure whether you should remove a tree or not, it’s best to contact our team who can look at the situation and advise you accordingly. It can also be a great idea to get several estimates if there are more than one options that make sense for you based on your budget and time frame.

How Much Do Tree Removal Services Cost?

The average tree removal cost will vary depending on a number of factors. It will depend on how big the tree is and whether it has to be removed from a difficult location or not. According to Forbes, it can cost anywhere from $200 for a small tree to removal costs of over $1500, depending on the size of the tree. For a more complex job that requires special equipment, prices can be higher.

All of these prices are estimates and the exact price may vary depending on where you are located as well as how many people are needed to complete the job. You will also want to be prepared for any additional costs that may arise if the situation provides unique, unexpected circumstances. For example, if there are powerlines that pose a hazard near the tree, there can be an additional charge for that work.

If you want to get a good idea of how much it will cost, then you can call Tree Service of Lafayette and we will be able to give you a quote. We provide affordable tree removal services for the Lafayette area and we offer free quotes that can help homeowners decide if this is something that they want to hire out or do themselves.

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Benefits of Hiring a Tree Removal Service

DIY or do-it-yourself projects are a great way to save some money, but sometimes it’s best to hire a professional when it comes to removing a tree. Tree removal is one of those cases unless you have extensive experience in the field. Removing a rotting tree can cause serious damage to your property or even put you at risk of injury without the proper precautions. Not to mention the time and effort it will take to remove a tree on your own. It is important to take safety seriously.

While it’s possible to remove a tree on your own, there are several benefits of hiring Tree Service of Lafayette for this type of job including:

  • Fast Removal – We work hard to ensure that we get the project done as soon as possible so that you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to deal with dangerous or unsightly trees.
  • Experience – Our team is fully trained and licensed for this type of work, so we know exactly what we’re doing. This means it will be done quickly and safely.
  • Clean up – We always clean up the site after we’re done to ensure that there’s no mess or debris left behind.
  • Cost – Our prices are competitive and reasonable, which means that you can get it done without going over budget.

Who Can Benefit from our Tree Removal Service?

Our professional affordable tree removal service is available to anyone who needs it in Lafayette and the surrounding areas. We’re insured and licensed for this type of work, so you can trust us to do the job right.

Tree Stump Removal

If you don’t like the idea of seeing a dead tree in your yard for months, let us take care of it. We can remove even the toughest stumps to ensure that you don’t have to worry about them in the future.

Tree Removal

If a fallen or dangerous tree is standing on your property, then we can safely remove it in no time at all. You won’t have to worry about your kids or pets getting hurt and you can keep it from damaging any property in the future.

Emergency Service

If you find yourself dealing with a fallen or dangerous tree, especially during hurricane season, then we can help right away. We provide 24-hour emergency service for all of your needs.

Tree Trimming

If tree branches are touching or hanging over your roof, then we can trim them for you. This will help to prevent damage to your home and make it safer for you and your family.

Reliable Tree Service in Lafayette

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If you need to remove a fallen or dangerous tree, then don’t hesitate to contact the Tree Service of Lafayette today. We’re available 24/7 and can be there as soon as possible to help with all your needs. Just give us a call or fill out our online service request form. Get in touch with our licensed professionals today and we’ll make sure that you never have to worry about a dangerous tree again.

What To Look For In A Affordable Tree Removal Service In Lafayette

In Lafayette, there are a number of affordable tree removal services. Each one offers the same basic service, but not all of them are created equal. Some may be cheaper but lack the experience or equipment to do a proper job. Others may charge more but have a stellar reputation for quality work. So, how do you choose the right affordable tree removal service for your needs? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Equipment & Experience

One of the most important factors when choosing a tree removal service is how much experience they have and what equipment they use. This will impact how fast the work can be done, as well as the quality of it. With the proper equipment and crew, they can get the work done more quickly and it’s less likely that anything will go wrong. It also shows that they have a lot of experience in removing trees so you can be sure they know what they’re doing.


Before hiring a tree removal company in Lafayette, do a little research to see if others have had a good experience with them. It’s a common practice to read reviews, so you should at least take a look at these before making any decisions. A company’s reputation with its customers says everything.


You don’t want to spend too much money on this service, but you don’t want to spend too little either. If they’re charging very low prices, there’s a good chance that the quality of their services won’t be as great. It is important to remember, a professional is expensive, but an amateur costs a fortune!

Insurance & Licensing

Make sure the company has all of the necessary licensing and insurance before hiring them for your tree removal project. This will ensure that you’re not held liable for any damages or injuries that might happen. Also, check to see if the company is licensed and you can ask for proof. You can also contact your local government or town hall to make sure they are properly licensed. If they aren’t, don’t hire them.

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Tree Trimming Experts

The good news is that Tree Service of Lafayette is fully licensed, properly insured, and experienced. We have all the necessary equipment to safely remove trees for you so that they don’t pose a risk to your family, property, or vehicles. Plus, we always clean up the tree waste afterward so you don’t have to worry about it becoming an issue. Our Arborists are also trained in identifying the cause of tree issues and can offer solutions for preventing damage in the future. So, if you need to remove a dangerous or diseased tree, contact us today at
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Tree Removal in Lafayette, LA

When you are looking for tree services throughout Lafayette, West Lafayette, or beyond, don’t go far to find the best! Contact Tree Service of Lafayette today to learn more about our affordable prices and exceptional results. Leverage from the company’s two decades of experience and expertise in the field. Call or submit a form and get a free estimate of your property. Take care of your trees and let them give back to you as well.

5 FAQs About Tree Removal

If you are in search of quick and reliable answers to some of the most commonly asked questions that we receive from customers, please take some time to review our FAQ section below. Here you will find information on how to properly handle some of the most commonly experienced situations and problems that many people experience.

If you want to cut down a tree, the best time would be early spring before the leaves begin to return and branches are clear. The frozen ground will make it more difficult, so performing this task when the earth is warm makes removal much easier!

This all depends on how big the tree is, but for an average size tree anywhere from $300-$1200 or more. If you plan to have the stump removed as well, stump removal can cost about $100-$200. Every tree is unique, so these estimates are simply national averages. This can all add up so plan ahead and don’t forget to include it as a line item on your home improvement budget.

If one of your trees is dying, leaning in the direction of your home or power lines, have branches overhanging your house or power lines with dead limbs that are falling off and could hit someone or damage property, or is near your pool or children’s play area, it may need to be removed. You can also have one of our professionals check the common signs and symptoms of a dead or dying tree so you can properly identify the issue and act accordingly.

One of the most common signs a tree is dying is a very large amount of dead branches at its top. Also, you will notice many new sprouts or shoots on one side of the trunk and possibly in the crotches of the branches. A leaning trunk so severe it could bring down power lines, too much fungus growth near the base of the tree, and a general yellowing of the foliage are all signs that your trees need to be removed.

This is a great question and one that many homeowners would like to know. The best way to avoid this sort of accident is by having your tree professionally inspected and trimmed every year. If you can’t afford to have it done, try to at least have a professional trim the branches around power lines and what will eventually hit your house. Also, keep trees back far enough away from buildings so they can’t topple and cause damage on the way down. The more distance the tree has from your house, the better chance you have of keeping your house in one piece during a storm or high winds.

In order to get rid of a tree, you have to hire a company that specializes in affordable tree removal and understands how to navigate proper safety procedures. There are tremendous risks associated with attempting to remove a tree, and an inexperienced individual can cause some serious damage without professional guidance. If you are questioning whether or not to have a tree on your property removed, please contact us today and ask about receiving a free estimate.